Lakeside holidays in Finland are suitable for people with a wide variety of preferences. Here you can spend a great romantic weekend or an active holiday with the whole family. Arrange an unforgettable corporate party - with fishing, sports and other team games. Kivijärvi is located near the Finnish-Russian border, so getting here is very convenient and fast.


We offer our guests bicycles that can be rented for an hour (6e), or for the whole day (10e).

Various cycling routes run near the hotel. You can find out more about these routes through the links below. Meiltä löytyy viisi sähköpyörää ja monta tavallisia pyöriä vuokrattavaksi! In addition to renting bicycles, we organize completely guided cycling trips.

The Salpa Hotel is also a member of the Cycling Tourist Association. This means that the hotel has a place for repair and storage of bicycles.

Itsenäisyydentie, Luumäki

Itsenäisyydentie, Luumäki – Etelä-Karjalan Retkeily (

Makumatka pyöräilyreitti Jurvala-Lemi-Lpr

Länsi-Saimaan linnoituskierros

Salpalinjan Pyöräilyreitti, tältä reitiltä pääset tie nr 384:tta Luumäelle ja sietä Hotelli Salpaan

Etelä-Karjalan Polkupyöräilyn teemareitit

Cycle trip to the David’s fortress.

Group size: as agreed

Duration: 15 km approx. 3 hours

Price: 25 euros per person (!!)

Suitable for beginners!

The excursion takes place on the shore of Lake Kivijärvi along a convenient bike path from the Salpa Hotel to the Taavet Fortress. The Taavet Fortress, formerly built for military and residential purposes, is one of the most famous tourist sites and attractions in Luumäki!

Along the way, you will have the opportunity to stop at the famous David Fortress Market, enjoy coffee or other drinks and local market food, and continue your journey.

A comfortable summer day trip with beautiful landscapes and historical views, suitable for the whole family.

The price includes a helmet and a hiking kit from Salpa.

Prerequisites: Cycling skills and adequate physical fitness. Suitable for beginners!


Tule Melomaan mukavassa ympäristössä

Our guests are offered to rent boats, kayaks and canoes, paddle boards, catamarans, fishing tackle, sports equipment, as well as everything that is required for a comfortable stay and time spent in nature. If you wish, our team will provide a guide and support for various walks and excursions. You can find additional information below or ask the hotel staff.

Guided canoe trip in Kivijärvi

If kayaking is not something you do daily, we will provide a guide who will teach you kayaking techniques, show the best routes, organize a picnic and make sure the hike is safe and fun. The tour package includes the rental of kayaks, vests and other equipment, picnic treats and refreshments. The trip requires appropriate clothing, good humor and an adventurous attitude.

Group size: 2-6 people

Duration: 2-4 hours

Price: 38 € / person

Each hike can be tailored to your wishes!

Väliväylän melontareitti


Frisbeegolf is a popular sport in Finland.

It’s a game where players try to throw a plate into a special basket in as few times as possible. The game is easy and suitable for the whole family. There is one basket on our beach and we have plates for our guests. If our beach is too small, there are several sections near the hotel for more experienced players.

Nearest Frisbee golf course 1.2 km

Luumäki frisbee golf course 16.2 km

Frisbee Golf & Fitness Ladder

Iitiän frisbee golf course

Iita Monttupu Park and Frisbee Golf Course. Iitä Monttupuisto at Tuomelanpellontie 80 has nine fairway frisbee golf courses and 45 fitness steps with step-by-step instructions, served by Iitiä-Remunen kyläyhdistys ry. Monttupuisto is freely available for outdoor activities.

Iitiän frisbee golf course

Frisbee discs / backpack 5 €


Leisurely walks or jogging

The nature of South Karelia offers excellent conditions for exploring nature trails. Not far from the hotel, there are the ruins of the famous Salpa line of trenches, which has been perfectly preserved since the Second World War, and it is interesting to walk along it even for children. The territory is open to visitors every day.

The nature of the area itself is an attraction.

In the forest, everyone has the right to pick mushrooms and berries. This is an extremely popular activity in our area.

You can purchase ready-made snacks at the hotel and ask for tips on how to find the best hiking and mushrooming spots.

Also, you can go on a hike with our guide, who will definitely show all the secret places, tell the history of the area, and will certainly not let you get lost in the forest.

Several routes can be found through the links below:

Etelä-Karjalan retkipaikat –


Tutustu nähtävyyksiin


The Salpa Hotel itself is one of the attractions – the current hotel is located on the territory of the legendary Luumäki Motel, where Hitchcock himself had fun in his youth. The first and only motel in Finland attracted its clients with a convenient location, reputation and a variety of services. You can read the history of the hotel in a separate section (via this link).

Luumäki is located in the area where Finland fought the war against the Soviet Union – in this area there are many wartime attractions, bunkers, historical sites and fortresses. The nearest wartime bunker can be found on the territory of the hotel – if you wish, you can even spend the night there. It takes 5 minutes by boat to get to the Kotkaniemi Museum – this is the house where President Swinhufwood lived with his family. These days It is open to visitors as a museum and a cozy cafeteria.

For our guests there is a discount for visiting the museum.

We can say that the entire Saimaa area is a very party-oriented place and the Finnish cities of Imatra and Lappeenranta are considered to be some of the most popular tourist cities. Both of them are located close to the hotel and can be reached in less than an hour.

Lappeenranta is only 23 km away and Imatra is 64 km away.

Lovers of everything unusual will be conquered by the man-made waterfall of Imatra, which has become a tourist attraction after the construction of the dam.

And for shopping lovers, the only Tsar outlet in Finland is located nearby, and there is a huge Veturi shopping center located in the city of Kouvola.

In Lappeenranta, you can go on a tour of the ancient fortress Linnoitus or take a real cruise along the Saimaa Canal.

At the hotel, we will help you book your tour and advise on places to visit.

Savitaipaleen kivikautinen asumus

Kärnäkosken linnoitus ja mylly


Tule Suppailemaan

Finland is deservedly called a paradise for fishermen, due to diversity and richness of the locan water bodies’ fauna. Where else can you go fishing for pike, perch, burbot, bream, pike perch, carp, salmon, trout, smelt and many other types of fish in one place? Fishing in Finland is, as they say, for every taste and color. You can take an ordinary fishing rod or spinning; you can fish from the shore or take a boat – oar or motor. All of this completely up to you!

Basically, in order to fish with us, you only need to come here, we will take care of the rest. Equipment is available at the hotel; if necessary, we will provide you with a fishing guide along with a boat, who will show you real Finnish fishing!


When talking about the winter period, it’s the time of the year when you can relax actively. Some of the popular activities are: visiting ski resorts, trying skills at ice skating and snowmobiling.

When frost is bursting outside the windows, it is especially pleasant to relax in the Finnish sauna and sit by the burning fireplace.

It is no coincidence that celebrating New Year on the lakes of Finland is considered to be the most popular holiday among fans of a real winter fairy tale.

This is the busiest timewhen numerous Russian tourists are booking cottages in Finland.

We speak Russian as well!

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